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What is modular construction?

A modular structureis a type of prefabricated construction that is built in sections or modules in a factory and then transported to the construction site for final assembly. These modules are typically constructed in standard sizes and dimensions, allowing for easy transportation and assembly.

How does modular construction differ from traditional construction with cement?

Modular units stand out as a contemporary, efficient housing solution. Built in precision-engineered sections in controlled factory environments, they offer unparalleled customization, swift construction, and rigorous quality control. This method ensures consistency and high-quality standards, giving homeowners confidence in their investment. Additionally, modular homes often incorporate advanced insulation and energy-efficient systems, promoting sustainability. With the ability to accommodate diverse design preferences and significantly reduce on-site construction time, modular homes provide an innovative, flexible, and eco-friendly alternative to traditional cement homes, making them an appealing choice for those seeking modern, personalized, and efficient housing solutions.

Can I customize my modular home?

Certainly, modular homes offer extensive customization options. You can choose floor plans, interior finishes, fixtures, and even collaborate with us  for bespoke designs. This flexibility ensures that the modular home aligns perfectly with personal preferences, making it a highly adaptable and individualized housing choice.

How long does it take to build and deliver a modular home?

Our modular homes typically take 90 days from the date of order to be built and delivered. This efficient process, involving precise construction in controlled factory settings, allows for swift production and timely delivery, ensuring you can enjoy your new residence in a relatively short timeframe.

What is the durability of a modular home compared to a traditional home?

Modular homes are often more durable than traditional homes because they are built to withstand the rigors of transportation and are constructed in a controlled factory environment. The materials used in modular construction are selected for their strength and durability. Additionally, modular homes undergo rigorous quality control checks during and after construction, ensuring high standards. While traditional homes can also be durable, the controlled conditions of modular construction often result in homes that are exceptionally sturdy and built to last.

Are modular homes less expensive than traditional homes?

Modular homes and traditional homes can be comparable in cost, but the reduced delivery time and efficient construction process make modular homes more cost-effective. While initial prices might be similar, the time saved in construction and associated expenses often makes modular homes a more economical choice in the long run.